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Icelandic Ponies

An ancient breed dating back to ninth-century Vikings, go for a ride on our Icelandic ponies in spectacular countryside.

In keeping with their heritage, all of our ponies have Norse names. Of stocky build with short necks and thick manes, they are calm, responsive and friendly. They are also popular for their ‘tölt,’ a rare camel-like gait; smooth and gently rocking, even at speed!

Please note the ponies are not kept on site all year round and give plenty of advanced notice to the estate office on +44 (0) 1397 732 200 or enquiries@corrour.co.uk to arrange rides or lessons at the stables in Kilmonivaig.

Princessa -  A lovely black mare with a kind disposition - a real princess.  She will suit any ability of rider and will bring you home with a smile on your face.

Roskva - A bright chestnut mare with a flowing flaxen mane and tail.  She loves to please and is always keen to up front and lead the ride.

Komma - A cheeky warm hearted chestnut mare.  She is the smallest of our Icelandics, she's a real gem and is fantastic with children of all ages and loves nothing better than a fun ride out..

Ida - Another black mare, with a huge hair style and black sparkling eyes.  She can be shy, but when she gets to know you she is very loyal and fun.

Muninn - our largest Icelandic standing at 14.2hh.  In summer he is a gorgeous pewter colour, with superb Mackeral markings on his legs.  A real super softie.

Grani - He is a grey gelding with a very easy ride with a smart action and careful step.  He has the woolliest winter coat imaginable, which he retains for as long as possible! 

Djakni - A black gelding, half brother to Ida.  He has the brightest expression ever seen.  He has a real zest for life - a true warrior from the Land of Ice and Fire.


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